Faux is the Way to Go

Faux stone panels are manufactured real stone look-a-likes that are made of polyurethane foam. They are created based on the looks of real stone models. Faux stone can be used outdoors to revamp an area, such as a BBQ, with still showing congruence within its existing surroundings.
Using faux panels is a great way to make sure that everything lives in harmony because they are made to fit what you need. In one case, a man revamping his BBQ needed colors that would match the exterior wood support beams of his house and the siding of his home too. He was able to order the panels in the fresco color he needed while still capturing the stone look he desired.
He started out with a very rusted BBQ station, due to the elements, and he had very little storage or preparation space for grilling. He built the size and stability design that he wanted to house his new grill. He used a wood frame and was able to add in a sink and more storage space. Then, he had a fast and easy assembly of the panels by just being able to cut them to size using a regular wood saw. They are super simple to use because they are lightweight. His whole project was very easy and looked beautiful. The new addition was very congruent and no one was able to spot that it hadn’t originally been there. Using the faux stone is a wonderful way to spruce up a space while making it blend in with current surroundings.
On top of all the great reasons to use the faux panels; some people worry about the environment when choosing to do some remodeling. To obtain the natural products would actually cost more and use more resources than it does to simply make the faux panels. While the manufactured product does impact the environment on a small scale it does not compare to the labor and fuel needed to move natural stone or wood. Since the product weighs so much less than its natural counterpart it can also be distributed for a fraction of the cost. So, when going with the faux you will not only be helping to save the planet but also saving your wallet.
Another option for revamping your home with faux stone panels could be creating an accent wall of rock to showcase any part of your home. It could be a great way to cover a crack in a wall or make a dull wall pop. You can use a faux panel pillar option to hide a fence or house a mailbox. They could be used when building a tiny house as they add character and beauty without adding unwanted weight to the build.

You can use faux stone panels indoors or outdoors, because they are very durable and weatherproof. You get the same great realistic quality without having to deal with hiring a mason, which can be very costly, or spending a lot on supplies to make a beautiful upgrade in or outside your home. There is a very large selection to choose from so there is a style for every home. You can transform your homes exterior with faux panel siding in many options, such as brick or log. They are a great way to give your home a beautiful makeover without a hefty price tag for renovations.


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